Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's been a crazy month of getting my world flipped upside down, but no worries. I'm back baby! The Living Your Dream Experiment continues...Stay Tuned :)
It's been a crazy month of getting my world flipped upside down, but no worries. I'm back baby! The Living Your Dream Experiment continues...Stay Tunes :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ready for a Beach Body? Literally Freeze your ass off!

In the not so distant past, I was the guy bundled up in a winter coat to face the winter storms. The snow would fall, the roads were bad, and I couldn't find any positive outlook on cold weather. Then I picked up a book that changed the game..."The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss. In the book, Tim offers unique strategies to weight loss that are not found in your typical diet or health books. Interesting tips like strategically eating 10,000 calories in one day, ingesting certain teas, supplementing with garlic, and my favorite "Cold Exposure." As I began to experiment with the cold exposure myself, I noticed a dramatic shift in weight loss. So far I have managed to shred around 20lbs and have done it with very minor changes to my diet and lifestyle. I live in Michigan where the average temperature has been around 20-30 degrees for the past few months. Being outside without a jacket on for me was initially hard, but now I barely notice any discomfort being cold. Every night I place an ice pack around my neck and watch TV for thirty minutes as well. I have yet to man up to taking an ice bath, but I have toyed with cold showers and have been able to take them for longer periods of time the more I attempt them. Another positive effect the ice packs have had is that they seem to make me sleepy when I use them at night. By nature I'm an insomniac, so anything that can help me fall asleep is a huge bonus. It's still only March and I'm already well on my way to getting into my rockstar beach body shape for the summer. So as much as I know being out in the cold can be a drag, just know that if you grin and bear it, the cold will reward you with some nice blubber removal :)



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Four-Hour Body journey, The Complaint-Free Experiment, and the rest of my journey pursuing the life of my dreams... all coming this week! stay tuned

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lesson of the week: Perspective

The word "Perspective" continues to show up as I make big changes in my life. As you may have read previously, my dreams in life are to become a successful actor and director in the film/movie industry. In order to take steps forward in my directing career, I recently decided to begin taking video/film classes at Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Last week was my first week of classes at Specs and it felt wonderful to begin training in the film industry. Last Friday (my 5th day at school) there was a wave of negativity throughout the local Michigan film industry. Newly elected Governor Rick Snyder announced a proposal that would significantly hurt the Michigan Film industry. Venom was being spewed all over my Facebook and in many e-mails received from fellow actors, filmmakers, and others in the Michigan Film Industry.

Yowzers! Here I am at school starting a new career in film at 28 years old and the first week my hopes and dreams could go down the toilet? I'll get back to this in a moment.....Let's get back to my fellow friends in the industry.

Can I blame them for being passionate about the issue of potentially hurting the Michigan Film industry? Certainly not! For the past few years, many Michiganders have poured their heart and souls into making Michigan the "Hollywood" of the mid-west. If things happen the way the new governor proposes it does, does that mean the end of all of us? I don't think so! As a matter of fact, I feel the opposite will happen. All the people in the industry that are involved in film because of the novelty of it all will slowly fade away. Passionate actors, filmmakers, and others will continue to build on the foundation that was built for us all here in the past few years. That's my perspective!

... but back to my Friday night at school. I'm in studio learning how to do an Adult Contemporary radio show with a really cool girl from my class. Trying to do my best, I try to forget about all the noise about the film industry I've heard all day. Still, it's there creeping in the back of my mind as I sit and ponder if learning more about making films instead of another career is the right decision. Then like clockwork, I receive a text message from my girlfriend saying I received a package in the mail from "Dr. Wayne Dyer." Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite authors who I have learned many life lessons from. I had written a letter to him thanking him for all of his lifes work.

When I got home after class, there it was. A sealed USPS Priority Mail package from the Dr. himself. As I opened it, I felt like it couldn't have come at a better time. I received an autographed picture of Wayne, his DVD "The Shift," and a hand written note that said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Enjoy your book Johnny! Love, Wayne Dyer.

Ahhh yes! Now it makes sense. It's all about perspective! Worrying about things that you can't control is useless. Changing your perspective is the key to life. There are so many people out there that have a harder life than myself. Some are poor, hungry, sick, disabled, traumatized, addicted to alcohol/drugs, struggle to put food on their plates, and many other unfortunate life cirumstances. For me to look at my life as anything else but a blessing would be the ridiculously disrespectful to god and to those people. The glass is never half empty or half full. Just fill up your glass with perspective and you will always live a fulfilling life. No matter what you think is ruining your life, I challenge you to find a different perspective and see things in a different way. Maybe things are better than you think.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The results are in:

4 Hour Body 30 day weight loss results

Today I went and had my body fat tested in a Bod Pod to measure my 30 days on the 4 Hour Body: Slow Carb Diet. So far this diet has been beyond easy to follow for me. My results were great, but I learned a lot about what I need to correct from here on out.  More protein, more weight lifting, and just feed the beast!

It's been an amazing 30 days so far and I can't wait to continue on this lifestyle change until I hit my goal of 10% body fat and weight around 200lbs.

Thanks for checking up and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at:




Sunday, February 13, 2011

is going in for my 30 day Bod Pod results using the 4 Hour body tomorrow at 2pm. Can't wait to see the results!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Inexpensive PAGG Stack

For my fellow 4 Hour Body experimenters, here is a way to make the PAGG reasonably inexpensive for a 30 day supply ;)

I hope that helps those of you who are on a budget like me.



Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Complaint Free Experiment!

So here is the information about the challenge.

I will personally sponsor the first nine individuals to take this challenge with me and send them the purple bracelets for free. If you would like to be a part of this, please e-mail me at: johnnydflynn@gmail.com.  You will also be able to guest blog on this site as well.

Thanks again for stopping by! -Johnny

The Rules

A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted -The Book

11 Part Video Series